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All Glory to God, I thank him for this journey. It can be tough, but the milestones and achievements make it worthwhile. 


Born and raised in deep South Texas to parents (business owners) Mario and Anabel Cerda who taught my sisters and I what family is, how hard work pays off, being determined and never say "it can't be done".   I married my wonderful husband, Mario and have two children, Mario Alberto and Olivia Jaden.

As an educator for middle school science for 12 years (2002-2014), I found profound personal growth by creating connections and instilling a sense of purpose with my students.  Witnessing resilience and determination from my students developed my skills to adapt, problem solve and communicate effectively.

Later in life, I took on the adventure of becoming a small business owner of an early learning childcare facility ((12yrs) 2012-present).  Running a small business forced me to wear many hats – marketing, finance, operations, customer service, etc. Being an entrepreneur taught me how to be resourceful, versatile and a leader. 

The pandemic in 2020 impacted many businesses.  Business had to adapt to the post pandemic commerce. Consumer spending shifted, favoring essential goods and online purchases. E-commerce boomed.  Party Prop Central was born in 2021 and has been evolving.  


Currently, I find myself as the owner of Party Prop Signs and co-founder of Party Prop Central.  Brenda, my sister, owner of Grizzlies Print Studios is the co-founder as well.  I truly thank God for her career path to have crossed mine.


 We work alongside other strong, independent women entrepreneurs shipping party props and backdrops all over the United States helping other small decor businesses to bring smiles and celebrations to families.

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